Food elevated to art.

Sara Remington's photography is rich with detail, complex compositions, and luscious subject matter. Any designer should be so lucky...
Having been given the opportunity to design a large-format printed book, as I did for the first time while at FatCat Digital, I can say without reservation that it's something every print designer should have the opportunity to do. The case in question was a large book: a whopping 19" x 34" opened and featured a roll call of rising photographers whose images FatCat retouchers worked on.

Imagine: You're a prospective client being wooed by a master storyteller as this book gets plopped down in front of you, it opens, and the story begins...

My guess is that Sara Remington saw the same powerful potential for her own work. So, when she approached me to design a slightly smaller book, I was excited to share my own suggestions. In the previous case, FatCat wanted before and after images to tell a story. However, this wouldn't be a design consideration for Sara's work. Her photographs are fully formed and only needed to be presented as a collection of beautiful, compelling photographs and interesting connections.

That opened up a lot of possibilities for presentation and overall design. The challenge was to arrange her images together so as to foster an interesting dialogue as one turned the pages, moving the story along. Image selection, groupings, sizing, and the isolation of individual shots on a page: All were essential considerations. In the end, the effect was much more picturebook-like and less about the technical, before/after retouching process. I think the final product speaks for itself and Sara's vision.

Disclaimer: I can only take partial responsibility for the following hunger pangs.
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